Here are some pictures from the trip I took to see my brother Jim in N Carolina November 16, 2003. It was significant to an aero. engineer on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight.
The weather was good on the beach at the hotel.
The motel was close to big Kill Devil Hill and they were having a Shrine ceremonial there that weekend.
Sunrise on the Outer Banks (OBX in their acronym)
The memorial Pylon on top of big Kill Devil Hill
"Wilbur" Conley

"Orville" Conley

The hanger and workshop/living quarter reproduction of the Wright Brothers beside the flight path.

The path of the first flights from the big rock to the three markers and the last stone and flight of the December 17, 1903 flight at 894 feet.
looking North toward the first flight paths and the hanger workshop and the visiter center. Kittyhawk is in the background.

Bodie Island light house on the outer banks south of Kill Devil Hills and keepers location.
Jim taking my picture of me taking his picture at the light house

Roanoke Island lost colony site
Queen Elizabeth II gardens on Roanoake Island
Jim would like to do something with his back yard which has a really steep drop off, but not this fancy.

Jim and Christa
Important members of Jim Conley Family. I wanted to take Maddie home. and that is a low carb Beer. I really liked this Dog. She had a lot of personality. The other Dog is Sue's and she was a grump.
Sue and next door neighbor.
Walking the dogs the morning I left.

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