Oklahoma City ROJ
Bike Ride June 10, 2005 to Turner Falls OK... and beyond.
or how to have fun on a Friday.
The bike from the motel window
This is the way to collect water when it rains on a Purple Stallion... The bike cover holds water very well...
Goldwing parking

and the hotel provides some cover for bikes.

Some Purple bikes
RJR 1300

You have to start to get there.. Dan Maxey's RJR 1300 in the lead. We had ten bikes and lots of enthusiasam
bikes at the hotel
Line up and preparation
Rest Stop
more from the rest stop
And a Break in 'Pauls Valley', OK...I wonder why Paul got a Valley named for himself?

at Turner falls
Turner Falls
Nice to see Turner Falls...but more fun to ride to see it.
Dan Maxey watches the group
Larry Armour (Shreveport) Says that there are two sure things you will get wet and you will drop your bike... I found both in my wet drive(Norm)

Got myself in this picture
To top it off we ate at the 'Catfish Buffet' in Dougherty, OK and were given bells for our bike.
Thanks Dan you did good
We averaged 80 coming back to the city... I was impressed...

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Created June 12, 2005