1970 240 Z June 1970 to the present


Pictures of the 1970 Datsun 240Z - Sold June 2006

Original Owner, Serial Number HLS30-3598, 100,213 miles, Silver, 'factory air', 4 speed, Factory engine service and body manuals, other original paperwork see below, condition of the car is very good, a "20 foot car", Kept clean and garaged, original numbers

at its New Home near Richmond Virginia with its Stablemate

Zcar detail picture Page


Trophies from 1971 and Before by the 1970 240Z from our Rally Team - The tires, wheels and hubcaps are still go with the car

Rallying in Colorado National Continental Divide Rally

1970 240Z.

The Z in New Hampshire on a Fall Rally in the early 70's

The Datsun on a Colorado Rally

The 1976 280Z car in front of the 240 Z at the Beachy and Woodlawn house.

Z car shop manuals

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updated June 12, 2006