Norm Conley's Early Life

born 12 Bak'tun, 16 K'atun, 9 Tun, 17 Winal, 12 K'in using the Maya Long count
That would be 3 'Eb 0 Mak in the calendar round

Pictures from the early 1950s click here

Norm and Pete December 29, 1943

Norm at Hilltop Manor 1946
Aunt Dot Dad Mom and Me
Mom Dad Norm 46I am topless!!
Mom Dad Norm Riverside Park 1946
Mom, Kodak camera, Dad watching Norm and our 1935 Chevy in the background Riverside Park Wichita 1946

Mom painted the car by hand Maroon before we sold it. Replaced it with the 48 ford below.

Norm, Dad Pete and Jim Conley Colorado 8/15/49 our 48 Ford

Norms Birthday on Waverly in the 50s. If you could read the calendar we would know the year..

Yearbook picture in 1960 of Gymnastics

Graduation in 1966 in front of Norm's Vette

Tux is a nice touch, but the 66 VW bug is a mental lapse

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